15 June 2007


This is the official blog for project EnRoLE, a Commonwealth funded initiative to encourage role-based learning in eLearning environments.

Project Leader: Prof. Sandra Wills, Director of CEDIR, University of Wollongong
National Manager: Elizabeth Rosser, Coordinator of Online Teaching and Learning, UNSW Foundation Studies, University of New South Wales (Contact person)

Project Team:
Ms Elizabeth Devonshire, University of Sydney
Dr. Andrew Vincent, Macquarie University
Dr. John Shepherd, University of New South Wales
Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh, University of Technology Sydney

EnRoLE Network:
New South Wales Clusters
University of Woolongong - Sandra Wills, Wendy Meyers
University of Sydney - Elizabeth Devonshire
University of New South Wales - John Shepherd, Carol Russell
University of Technology Sydney - Elyssebeth Leigh
Macquarie University - Andrew Vincent, Andrew Lovell-Simons

South Australian Clusters
University of Adelaide - Holger Maier, Judi Baron, Ann Davenport

Victorian Clusters
RMIT University - Sandra Jones
University of Melbourne - Claire Brooks
Deakin University - Sally Totman

International Clusters
Bethlehem Tertiary Institute - Stephen Bright

Industrial Connection
Fablusi - Albert Ip, Roni Linser