12 July 2007

METTLE Conference

Hi EnRoLErs?
How is life out there in role play land?

The EnRoLE Project Team has had a productive couple of weeks of meetings, seminars and conferences to organise and attend.

Sandra and I attended the University of Melbourne's METTLE Conference on Wednesday where we were privileged to see the work of some dedicated and talented academics.

Thanks to Claire Brook's strategic thinking we were able to profile EnRoLE at a Snapshot Session, poster session and an afternoon workshop. According to Sandra, it wasn't really a workshop because we worked and the participants shopped. Ha Ha. Seriously though, the workshop was a great opportunity to showcase some of your role play designs and to hear about the local innovations in role based learning. Bill Genat (UMelb) and Sandra Jones (RMIT) shared their experiences in designing and implementing online role play simulation. It was fascinating to see how versitile and powerful role based learning is. There is great potential for EnRoLE Victoria to take off very quickly with interest from Melbourne, Deakin, RMIT and Swinbourne already.

Congratulations to Claire whose team received one of only 2 excellence awards for their poster on Cultural Blogging. Fascinating stuff. Well deserved Claire! We also touched base with some interesting academics doing some fascinating work in utilising educational technology. It was great to catch up with one of our EnRoLE reference group representatives, Rick Canale. Rick is sharing his time between UMelb and his work with Illuminate.

We are off to a great start in our quest to cascade to other states. The University of Adelaide's Molger Maier, Judi Baron and Ann Davenport have EnRoLEd as co-leaders of the South Australian Network. Through their work, UAdelaide is really pushing forward on encouraging role based learning. If you haven't already visited UAdelaide's situational learning website SCoPE, I'd like to recommend it to you. You will need to register to participate in discussions. http://andy.services.adelaide.edu.au/moodle/course/view.php?id=32

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