05 July 2007

Why are Role play so powerful?

This is a quote from a student (Lissa) after a role play simulation called "Holocaust" from a USA community college:
As a military reservist, I have been waiting 5 years for my call up to the Middle East and have seriously wrestled with my anger towards Moslems over 9-11,etc; I used to think that any of them who got hurt by U.S. forces mostly deserved it and many of my shipmates think "the only good Moslem is a dead Moslem." I have been immersed in that environment and it is only through your class that I have come to realize that that attitude is a mistake, part of our American "empire" mindset. On thinking it over, my mind and eyes are much more open to what's really going on in the Middle East. It is because of your class that I am actually trying to separate the guilty from the innocent...

The role play ran for 3 weeks (as are most Fablusi role play). Anyone will admit that as a teacher, if I can change ONE person's life, that's ALL I need as reward for all the hard work I put into my job.

I just have to ask, Why are Role play so powerful?

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