11 August 2007

EduBlog Game One - Instruction

Welcome to EnRoLE’s first ever blog game. This is round 1 of 4 rounds. You must respond to this message by Midnight Eastern Australian Standard time, Wednesday 15th August, 2007 to continue playing.
We are enrolling people in three groups - using a self assignment mode.
Each of the three blog entries following this has an incomplete sentence.

  1. Count the number of comments that follow each incomplete sentence

  2. Add a comment to the post with the LEAST number of comments

  3. Keep your contribution to EXACTLY 100 words
    NB The 100 word requirement is SPECIAL and your comment must be EXACTLY 100 words to complete the sentence in the body of the post.

  4. Once you have added your comment feel free to read any other sections of the blog that you would like to visit.

  5. You will be given further instruction AFTER noon Thursday. Come back here to find out what happens next.

For those early birds, you get a head start. The game is supposed to start on Monday, ☺

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