17 August 2007

EduBlog Game One - Round 2 Instruction

This is round 2 of 4 rounds of EnRoLE's first blog game. So far we have asked you to write an additional 100 words in response to the three incomplete sentences. Three teams were formed by the self-selecting process, by which you each chose your sentence. Now that these teams are formed, we are pleased to announce that –

The players who addressed "My best times as an online learner have been when . . ." have become the RED team.

The players who addressed "Conditions for learning are optimised when . . . . ." have become the BLUE team.

The players who addressed "The role of risk in developing innovative education is . ." are the GREEN team.

With the primary colours in place, we are on track to create a colourful experience. Your new task is to complete your assigned sentence (see below) by summarising, plagiarizing, stealing, modifying, inventing, analysing all the information provided by those who completed the sentence you are now working on. Your posting must be exactly 50 words. Your goal is to create a statement to appeal to as many people as possible, including all those who have already expressed their opinions.

Enter your entry in exactly 50 words, as a comment to the post below, by Midnight Eastern Australian Standard time, Monday 20th August, 2007.

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