21 August 2007

EduBlog Game One - Round 3 Instruction

This is round 3 of 4 rounds of EnRoLE's first blog game. In the first round we have asked you to write an additional 100 words in response to the three incomplete sentences. Three teams were also formed by the self-selecting process, by which you each chose your sentence in the first round. In the second round, each member of each team was asked to work on a different sentence from the first round. In that round, the number of words have been reduced to 50. I also asked you to complete the sentence in a way to please as many people as possible.

Now that you have practiced pleasing people while reducing the number of words, this winning round will put that new skill to its highest form. You are now asked to complete yet a different incomplete sentence in LESS than 26 words while pleasing as many people as possible. Note that this is a winning round. Your entry in this round will determine whether you can win this game. You will be disqualified if the number of words is MORE than 25. The part of the sentence we provide does not count towards the 25 words.

Enter your entry in LESS than 26 words, as a comment to the post below, by Midnight Eastern Australian Standard time, Friday 24th August, 2007.

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